annotation class RegisterJsonAdapter(val priority: Int = 0)(source)

Registers the annotated type in the Kotshi json adapter factory. All registered adapters take priority over all generated adapters.

The annotated type must be either an object or a class and must extend JsonAdapter. It can also be a generic class in which case you can accept an array of types for the actual arguments as well as an instance of Moshi itself, however both are optional.

If the type is annotated with a JsonQualifier then the adapter will only handle requests with that qualifier.


// Registers this adapter for the type `Instant`.
object InstantAdapter : JsonAdapter<Instant>() {

// Registers this adapter for the type `Instant` with the qualifier ISO8601.
annotation class ISO8601

object InstantAsISO8601Adapter : JsonAdapter<Instant>() {

// Registers the adapter for the generic type `GenericType<T>`.
class GenericAdapter<T>(types: Array<Type>, moshi: Moshi) : JsonAdapter<GenericType<T>>() {
private val delegateAdapter = moshi.adapter<T>(types[0])



The priority of the adapter compared to other registered adapters. The type checks will be sorted by the priority in descending order. This is useful if there are overlaps in types (for example if one adapter handles List<String> and the other List<T>). The default priority is 0. Adapters with the same priority is sorted deterministically, but arbitrarily.


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val priority: Int = 0